Let your wedding guests to dance barefoot; instead, provide the modest flip flop!

What can be said about the most basic of footwear, the flip flop, and why would you want filp flops to be a part of your wedding in Spain? The flip flop is a versatile, inexpensive, flat piece of footwear that your wedding guests, particularly the females, would like. The most apparent and typical application is to give them for the women so they can take off their high heels and enjoy the dancing. All the ladies want to look their best, and having a backup pair of flat shoes adds to the luggage, but those high heels might get a little weary after a few hours, especially in Spain’s higher temperatures.Giving the women in your wedding party a basket of flip flops will provide them with a much-needed pair of footwear when the going gets tough!

white wedding flip flops are a bright white hue that will complement any wedding theme. The strap is a basic matte hue that can blend with almost everything.Our high-quality wholesale flip flops are composed of high-density rubber and have a 15mm sole thickness for optimal cushioning and support. The straps are 30% wider than typical flip flop straps, allowing for a more secure fit.We recommend purchasing a sample. Everyone’s definition of comfort differs, and differences in monitor displays might cause us to see colors differently. We just want to ensure that you are satisfied with your order.

white wedding flip flops

Beach Ceremony and the Flip Flop.

The flip flop is the perfect beach shoe!If you’ve discovered a private location and want to hold your wedding ceremony directly on the beach, the flip flop may come into its own here as well! Walking on the sandy beach with heels is not going to be enjoyable! Hence, unless you have a completely fitted out area and want a sand between the toes experience, supplying flip flops is a terrific method to combat sinking heels!

Weddings in the Garden and the Flip Flop.

Skip through the grass like a fairy! Whether you’re having your wedding in a beautiful garden or on a gorgeous green lawn, chances are it’s been well watered to stay that way! Well-watered lawns wreak havoc on high heels, causing them to sink and become a bit stuck with each stride. If you don’t want to pay for a dance floor, dancing on the grass is almost surely the province of the flip flop, at least for the ladies!

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