Trend Of Online Movies

In contemporary world where technology has covered every facades of life; the essence of creativity is also affected by it immensely. The relationship between art, literature and human civilization is interdependent. In this way the development of technology has affected the means of presentation of art and culture. It has led to incarnation of online movies platform, OTT, Netflix, Web series etc. It has been argued that assess to technology has blurred the screens. Nowadays many celebrities are also making their debut on online movies platform, OTTs, Netflix etc.

Building Up on the Walls

It has been witnessed that advancement in communication technology has led to innovation on unimaginable scale. Earlier, people used to take tickets in advance and went to theatres to watch movies but nowadays theatres has come to people through phone screens. It’s just one click away. Netflix, a US based company has more than 220 million subscribers in 190 countries. Although it’s expensive but people are choosing it because of availability of whole set of entertainment for every age group, chilling presentation and obviously comfort. Introduction of Web series has revolutionized the interaction even more. These platforms are not only limited to entertaining people but give tough competition to movies in prestigious International film festivals too. In the same way theatres have also developed and not just only limited to screen movies.

Online Movies

Benefits And Challenges

Online movies have their own set of benefits and challenges to deal with. It has equalized the access to transnational entertainment industries. Now people can enjoy TV series of any country and get to know about their culture, tradition, cuisine etc. It also helps in academic researches, generating employment etc. Introduction of Online Movies platform have also diversified the genres of movies. There are many challenges too. Such as access to greater degree of entertainment to children and teenagers have restricted their cognitive development. Being unaware of quality of consumption children tend to adopt virtual reality which affect their psychological health. It also affects physical health and sometimes results in fatal addiction towards it. It also affects the efficiency and working environment too.


Although online movies platform have been popularized, traditional platform still possess their place in many hearts. There is a need of equalization of development of online movies platform as monopoly of only Netflix and other US based platforms create disparity in access to economic and social benefits. There is also need to preserve cultural diversity through cinema so that human civilization can develop effectively. Industry should also focus on making cinema on diversified and recent developing issues so that it can also contribute towards spreading awareness.


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